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This is where you will find current documentation for building, using, deploying and running PortCDM. You can also reach developers and users of PortCDM on Slack ( requires a login) and on IRC (freenode #portcdm)

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Our XML schema describing the technical specification for Port Call Message Format (PCMF) has undergone a major update to better support both the developers using it to build systems that communicate with Port Call Messages (PCMs) and our users, who have expressed needs that cannot be accomodated in the older format. Firstly, the schema has been split into four files: port-call-message.xsd - which contains the top level element that carries all PCMs payload.…
Whenever a connector is asked to send a PortCallMessage to its PortCDM instance, it simply does so and that is it, as far as the basic connector is concerned. Knowing what goes on behind the service interface might give a better understanding on those few cases where behaviour may not be entirely predictable.

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